Sophie Robertson Scarves

CUSTOM MADE: Bespoke scarf (incl. VAT)

CUSTOM MADE: Bespoke scarf (incl. VAT)
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Customised scarves also available -any photograph of your choice, just ask Sophie. Projects include ST REGIS, REVLON, ELIZABETH ARDEN & HUSK.

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Please contact or call 0450 278 197 if you need assistance choosing colours or the perfect gift.

Thanks, Sophie

What's Your Story?

I help your business stand out from the over saturated crowd.

I want to introduce myself and my company to you, as I believe I may be able to help you to offer your clients unique, customised gifts that will make their stay at your hotel or gift shop totally unforgettable.
(Sophie in the gift shop with the custom scarves that she created exclusively for Halcyon House).
My collaboration with the stunning Halcyon House Hotel on Cabarita Beach was another highlight! Halcyon House has an incredible interior, which we used to create scarves and sarongs for hotel guests as a memento of their stay…
See images below from the trip, in the gift shop and sourcing imagery for the next collection.
(Sophie can either come to the location or you can send images for her to work with).

I work with a range of clients - including several other high-end or boutique hotels - to identify their target audience, and to create unique gifts that are tailored to suit their clientele. I design, manufacture and package sheer, chiffon sarongs, silk scarves and pocket squares, which can be made in custom sizes and materials. Each accessory is printed with a photograph of the hotel or its surroundings, which makes it the perfect memento to give clients, acting as a reminder of their time spent at your hotel.

Some clients prefer to have a photograph printed directly onto the material, whilst others have requested a more abstract prints that highlights the colour scheme, patterns or details that are reminiscent of the hotel. I have a background in photography and fashion photography, so some companies prefer to use images that I have taken, whilst others already have beautiful promotional images that they would like to use in a new way.

These gifts can become an integral part of the marketing of the hotel - a beautiful sarong or scarf that is gifted to your best clients can help to build a strong presence on social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. From previous collaborations, it is evident that clients like to take photographs of the hotel whilst wearing their customised items, which they then share with their family, friends and followers, which acts as a personal recommendation and an advert for the hotel.

I have a proven track record of working with some of the best hotels in the world, creating unique gifting items that make their hotel more memorable to their clients. I would love to work with you to make beautiful items that your clients will cherish. I would be very happy to put together a proposal, or to send you a sample scarf so that you get a better idea of the product itself.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Please call me on +61 450 278 197 or Emil me

Bespoke Scarves for Galleries and Museums

My latest collaborations have included creating the silk scarf that accompanied the beautiful John Olsen exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW in 2017. Printed with one of Olsen’s distinctive paintings, the scarf was a popular item that was sold in the gift shop at the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition.
John Olsen scarf using the image Five Bells for AGNSW
Art Gallery of NSW
Custom made scarf I made for the Rochfort Gallery

Bespoke Scarves for Hotels and Travel Agencies/PR

At the end of 2017 I collaborated with the super luxurious personal travel concierge service ‘Addicted To Maldives’, creating scarves and sarongs that captured the colours, atmosphere and the beauty of the Maldives.

How it Works

Can I get a sample?
Yes you can get a sample for $100.

How long does it take?
I like to allow up to six weeks for a project because it usually takes a week or so to confirm artwork and then the artwork needs to be sent to my manufacturer, printed and hand rolled.

Can you help with artwork?
Yes I can, I have a background in Fashion Photography and a diploma in Art Direction so I feel confident that I can help you make the best collection or print that will sell and make you profit. I am motivated to make the client money so that it is profitable for both parties.

Can you help with adding a border and choosing prints?
Definitely, I use a design program for my own and am happy to create for you.

Can you help with stockists?
No I leave that to you but I can point you in the right direction.
Who have past clients been? Have they been happy with the results?
I have worked with photographers such as Jane Morrison , artists such as Nat Ward for Rochfort Gallery, Heather Duff in Uluru and then John Olsen for Art Gallery of NSW. I have also worked with resorts and hotels such as Halcyon House, Amilla Fushi and St Regis Maldives.