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How To Wear


I’ve had a few questions about how the fabrics compare. Seen here in the video-Cashmere, silk & chiffon mix to compare next to each other...

 ❄️Cashmere is best for colder climates but a perfect cover up on summer nights 

 ✨Silk has more of a sheen & luxurious feel, looks great tied as a top (more videos coming soon). 

 Finally chiffon as seen on Tash Oakley above, is perfect for the beach as a cover up, beach to bar item. The holiday essential!

Skinny Scarf Details:
50 x 197 cm
Silk and Chiffon blend
Hand-rolled edges

How it fits: As a Sarong (138 x 197cm): 

Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-2-27-58-pm  As a Cashmere Scarf:    Screen-Shot-2019-05-18-at-10-02-22-pm 

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