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I have worked with Sophie Robertson to produce a range of scarves. My experience has been fabulous. 
She provided help and guidance in the initial stages and has done some excellent design work for me too. 
Screen-Shot-2020-03-11-at-6-44-03-pm Screen-Shot-2020-03-11-at-6-44-43-pm The finished product arrived on time and in manner that was easy to store and sort. 
I am delighted with the quality of the silks, the finish on the edges and with the beautiful colours and the detail in the printing. 
Sophie runs a very professional unique business and I would highly recommend her organisation.

Jane Morrison, Custom Client 

I got the scarves last night, thank you. You did a fantastic job with all your branding and packaging! Love all the little touches - the branded tissue paper and ribbon, sweet card too.

The cashmere/wool feels just as yummy as the one we had printed on super fine merino wool; really soft and luxurious, same edges.

Katja, Custom client

We needed an urgent gift for a friend who was leaving to return to Australia. Sophie packaged it all up & met an uber so that we could get delivery - all within 3 hours. thanks again.

Vanohi, Customer 

I am the proud owner of two beautiful Sophie Robertson Scarves. One Cashmere and one silk. They are both stunning in their beautiful prints, and perfect souse, and outstanding quality. I feel wonderful about life when I wear them, and I look forward to my next Sophie Robertson purchase